About The Empathy Effect’s Founder: Kim Smiley has over a decade of executive leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, where she focused on enriching the lives of vulnerable populations. A professional fundraiser, writer, speaker and marketing and development expert, Kim left her career in philanthropy in 2015 to pursue her artistic and entrepreneurial passions. She is the Creative Director of the jewelry company and social enterprise, Kim Smiley, and the Founder of The Empathy Effect. Kim has attracted over 165,000 social media followers by sharing her unwavering passion for humanity's interconnectedness. In her spare time, Kim is a painter, photographer and regular Contributor to The Huffington Post. She is also a consultant to various social enterprises and startups, and serves as a Board member on several charitable organizations. Kim Smiley had advanced degrees from McGill and Harvard University, where she graduated first in her class. This year Kim has been nominated for the RBC Women of Influence Award.   For more information about Kim, click here.